May 12, 2011

why i love london:

even the cheap flowers from portobello make me happy.
and walking there to get them makes me happy.
and arranging them in the kitchen makes me happy. 

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

(and p.s. i probably should change the title of the blog to "intsablog" because i love using my instragram photos.  do you have instagram on your phone? i want to follow you! fair warning: i post way too many pictures. i just can't help it) 

1 comment:

Alyssa P said...

i am enjoying all these i love london posts. it's making me soo jealous. i'm sorry that you may have to leave it all tho! hopefully everything works out for the best. I love instagram too. mine is alyssajesse whats yours? all your pictures look lovely!

I'm not sure when I started following you.. i think when you won something at caitlin wilson design? ya i think thats it