May 13, 2011

tastes like home.

on the phone with sister erica tonight, i randomly decided to make pancakes. (a real treat, since bisquick is hard to come by in these parts) my subconscious must have linked my conversation to some inner desire for home, because the first bite of bisquick's fluffy goodness tasted just like it. home.

all these weeks, i've been dreading a NY relocation.
but if new york tastes like pancakes, it can't be that bad. 
somebody pass the log cabin.

anything remind you of home?


Stephanie said...

Chocolate chip pancakes remind me of college - I think that's all I ate. Do you remember that Noelle?

noelle regina said...

do i remember? you have to add vegas sushi rolls and cookie dough to the list. now that's ALL that you ate!

Brad and Danielle said...

Danish aebleskivers (kind of like a pancake ball). As I was packing my kitchen today, I found some aebleskiver mix and my special pan to make them and it reminded me of all the times my mom made them for us for special occasions. I am planning for that to be one of our first meals to christen our new kitchen. I know it will instantly feel more like home.

Rachel Anne said...

Log Cabin is my favorite! And now I want breakfast for dinner.

The Mendenhall Clan said...

home made hot fudge sauce! mmmmmmm especially the spoonful i eat the next morning before/with breakfast!!!!

Rebecca Smylie said...

It's not fair. I dream and dream of a relocation to New York. It's not going to happen. A relocation to Zimbabwe? A relocation to Sudan? A relocation to Chad? Perhaps. No chance of New York.

Since being here all I want id Cheddar cheese. Not really good cheddar either--a block from costco.

Rachel said...

I really miss chocolate chip cookie dough.

nerak said...

food i miss:

- five cent gummies from any convenience store in canada

- cafe habana corn (cliche but true)and alice's teacup pumpkin scones in nyc

- jalapeno cilantro hummus from pita jungle in az

- viva las vegas sushi roll from the eatery in vancouver

why do we get so attached to food in places??

(but honestly, i haven't found something i can't live without here in london yet... have you?)