May 11, 2011

not yet.

clockwise: view from the train en route to birmingham. view from iphone while jogging in hyde park. brightly colored door in notting hill and brightly colored car in bayswater on the way home.

it looks like recruiting isn't going well for many of lse's students.

all of the europeans have jobs...
but not the americans.
and of matt's 200+ intellectually-accelerated indian classmates at lse, only ONE has found a job in the UK.

we haven't secured employment here either. which likely means another relocation in the coming months, making it the 4th (and probably most heart-breaking) move in our 3 years of marriage.  we're hoping for a hail mary - something that will let us stay.

when i think about leaving, i panic. i never want to forget the groomed hedges, colorful doors, windy park paths, playful dogs, or scenic walks down portobello.

i find myself desperately clicking my camera to capture every garden rose, quaint cafe, and favorite shop. like maybe having the photos forever on my i-phone will prevent me from missing this place? we're delaying our goodbyes as long as we can. who knows when that will be. not yet.

and until then, we're loving london.


nerak said...

i'm in denial that you *might* be leaving. i have full faith that you're meant to be here and something will happen!!

(i seriously cannot believe how no one from his class has gotten a job! what the?)

matt said...

all of the europeans from my class have jobs. but almost no indians at the entire school have jobs. sucks to be indian (american, chinese, etc)

Alexandra said...

ahhhhhh i'm crossing my fingers for you. i am determined to live in london as soon as I can so i've loved all your posts about living there. xo

The LaBarberas said...

That's sad/ kind of disturbing about the lack of jobs for LSE "foreigners". I'm sure they'll be plenty of amazing jobs back in the states for you two! Isn't that the hard part of exploring a new place? You fall in love with it! Grant laughs that I've fallen in love with every city we've lived in. He has a point. Your anxiety attacks of moving resonate with me- just before we left living on the beach in Miami, it was like I started seeing things for the first time again... I really hope you get a hail mary! This is our third move in 3 years, but every time we move there's always incredible new local places I fall in love with, even though those few places always tug at your heartstrings when you're gone... If you come back to the states, come visit us in Phoenix! It's no London, but seriously! :) Sorry for the reallllly long comment.

E.F.G. said...

you and that iphone were love at first sight, huh? i may even be considering one. perhaps i'll finally have decent pictures with apps like that.


Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

This is how I feel about leaving Spain. My tummy and heart ARE filled with butterflies and anxiety.