May 9, 2011

neverever land

i never ever want to leave. if this was your view, would you? oh how i love london (99% of the time.)  

the swapps are here visiting and we're having so much fun. we like just having them around. and having rainy cold picnics in hyde park. and watching the human planet. and eating falafel. and walking. and walking. and walking.

wonder where we'll go next year.

in other news: 
  • a brand new iphone showed up in the mail. how was i supposed to say no? and i love it. (but i'm not addicted and am committed not to be) 
  • subsequently, i love instagram. (see first photo for proof) 
  • why does it seem like the americans are the most efficient people on the planet?  
  • why doe diet coke make pizza, falafel and burgers taste better? 


mandy said...

i am loving your short hair!

mbobm said...

because diet coke is our miracle drug.