Apr 22, 2011

pants pants pants

in case you love red pants a much as i do ...
(and i really really love red pants)

get yourself the EXACT SAME PAIR. 
GAP "always skinny" cord. and even though those aren't adjectives i'd use to describe myself, i sure do love these pants. 

$25 on EBay. In any size. 
I also have the "always skinny" jeans, gray cords, and 2 pairs of black pants and love them almost as much.


Marci Joy said...

You look cute in red pants.

Rachel Hagen said...

Look so cute on you! (love your hair too. Wish i had the guts to cut mine) Love me some red pants. Got these on sale at gap for $22! My son Sam just so happens to have a pair too...

nerak said...

trousers trousers trousers.


i reeeeeeally love your red pants. if only i were confident that they'd be long enough for me, i would snag them up in 2 seconds flat.