Apr 22, 2011

not me.

you might think this is a picture of me, but it's not....
i heard about this photo-editing website and decided to play around with picnik - and the results are flattering, fun and NOT VERY HONEST.

according to picnik this photos has:
  • whiter teeth 
  • highlighted hair 
  • blemish reduction 
  • mascara enhancement
  • blush
  • lip color addition 
  • AND 25% weightloss 
  • (bust enhancement wasn't an option, but if it were you bet i would have tried it!) 
so in a nutshell, she's not me.
but this is. 25 percent fatter and all:

who knew the average person with limited photo-editing skills could overhaul a picture in minutes?!?! i get why people want to do it (hell, i did it!) but i guess i just makes me rethink how perfect some pictures seem to be. just another reason to take blogs with a grain of salt. i'm guilty of some amateur editing:
  • "blemish reduction" large cystic zits that ruin your face (and sometimes your life) 
  •  cropping a photo where you're the skinniest 
  • "magic wanding" what you're printing for your frames 
just not sure how i feel about complete overhauls. false advertising right? what's your philosophy? 
(and for the record, the profile pic is me, noelle1.0)


J + M said...

I see no difference! (but i need to learn how do you do the 25% weight loss - thats kind of amazing)

Marci Joy said...

I seriously cannot tell the difference - except for highlights in hair.

You look fabulous my dear.

And I LOVE your hair.

Valerie said...

Honestly, the natural one looks better! The first just looks like it made your head narrower, which looks a little odd to me and totally unnecessary.

Alisha Stamper said...

i totally have a philosophy about this (go figure, doing photo for a living and all after becoming legit by earning a degree in it). People's penchant desire to be what they are not and have their memories of events be unreal ("perfect children" with no pores, for example) is not the direction our society should be heading. There is a reason authors are writing about this type of thing, especially in YA literature, trying to steer the next generation away from digital BS. Because that is literally what it is. We are lying to our future selves. This is why I shoot film. its honest. Now, do I take out zits that are there just that day? Yes. But if someone has scarring, I won't make it go away. I will photograph them in a more pleasing way so that it is minimized, but I refuse to be a creator of a lie. It is wrong for my spirit and for my art. If I become inauthentic, I become a poisonous messenger of my viewpoint.

Sorry for the novel. I feel strongly about this.

Mrs. Billen said...

I think you look smokin' with or without picnik.

You, Me and Little Mr. B. said...

Both pictures look awesome! You are a doll and don't need Picnic to make yourself look any different. But it's fun to play with! Hope you get to sneak in some photos of the Royal Wedding! Have you gotten your invitation yet? :)

kate gunning said...

you my dear are fabulous au naturallllll!

Kathryn said...

Don't see the difference. You look amazing...just the way you are!

flexMD said...

amen Alisha.

Seriously girl I don't think its worth the effort because the difference is VERY slight. You are gorgeous! Celebrate it!

Rachel Hagen said...

Can't tell a difference. :) And I agree with your photo friend. It's sad to see o many kids with their edited porcelain skin, enhanced eyes, and rosey cheeks. Just take a pic at a good angle!