Apr 7, 2011

ooooh i wanna take ya...


little known fact that the brothers lybbert won a sing-along contest to the beach boys' greatest song of all time. maybe that's why we're loving aruba?

once i got over my pretense (where's the authentic arubian experience?) and embraced the paradise of american tourism - all-inclusive resorts, bob marley music, hard rock and starbucks - i started to have a fantastic time.  we alternate our time between tikki huts on the beach, and private poolside lounging, and sprinkle in a sunset walk, or afternoon drive around the island. 

yesterday, we went on a practically-private snorkel excursion. there were 7 of us total - me, matt and ang and the four from new jersey. a scenic drive around the island ended with some snorkeling on an isolated reef. reports back said the current was strong but the coral was incredible and teaming with wild life. i had to sit it out, my shell fish allergy struck again. something at dinner caused a hive break out, and the benedryl / dramamine combination really knocked me out. i exaggerate not, i was awake for all of 6 hours yesterday.

 all by myself on the boat during snorkeling.

the handsome mr. lybbert - diver extraordinaire.

i just really liked the colors in this one...

we wish the rest of the nicolais could be here, but are glad our newest nephew is doing well. can't wait to see him when we get back to nyc.

adios from aruba.


Chelsea said...

omgosh... the water looks amazing. jealous.

Teri said...

Love this post! (and you guys)