Mar 28, 2011

slightly obsessed.

i realllllly love decorating houses.

2 problems with that:
1. i'm not ACTUALLY a decorator, and
2. i don't have a house.

because people can pay professionals to do a WAY better job, i dream up great ideas for my non-existent house.


Marci Joy said...

I hope she gives the green light b/c it will be lovely.

Brad and Danielle said...

Oh my, I know the feeling. I have been looking at so many design blogs I have been dreaming of decorating in my sleep. Not kidding. If we ever get into a house, I will gladly take any and all of your lovely ideas.

nerak said...

so we are doing a massive spring clean up of our flat, and considering that one million girls have moved in and out of it in the past 5 years, it was high time!

anyways, we want to give our flat a major facelift, and i could really use your decorating (and decorating on the cheap) expertise! and i don't feel bad asking since i know you lololove it so much. ;)

why are you leaving me for a whole month??

Jenny said...

i have a house and i still like to dream about decorating, because my DIY skills are less than good (i can't spray paint to save my life) and everything that's cute costs a fortune.

Shea McGee said...

love's the perfect mix for updating a traditional house!