Mar 26, 2011


1. some of our best friends live just down the street. and we can walk to their house whenever we want. i really love that. 

helping kate pack for her trip to ny.

2. we leave for aruba in 5 days. and in typical noelle fashion, i put off regular exercise til about 2 weeks ago. which means i'm only 12 weeks away from peak physical fitness. which means i'm only 11 weeks late for aruba ... if i do 30-day shred 7x a day this week, maybe that'll work?

3. yesterday we passed a frame store called "frame. set. match." as in game, set, match.  and we decided that was a terrible name. Then we thought of better terrible names the WHOLE way home:

Get Your Head in the Frame
Good Frame
Frame On!
Not the Frame Without You
Frame Frame But Different
The Framing of the Shrew
Frame Duck
Frame Judy Dench

4. it's 60 degrees and sunny here.