Apr 15, 2011

here's the thing...

once i had a roommate named hutch. 
who also loved cats.
here she is cuddling with matt's aunt's cat on the kitchen floor 

naturally, when you're roommates you spend lots of time together.
and go to concerts. 

and football games.

and slow dance parties at alison's house. 

or sometimes you just stay in at your house and eat a sweet treat. 

with all of this time together it's impossible NOT to rub off on each other. 
like the first time i had taco bell was with emily. 
and watched an entire season of laguna beach in ONE NIGHT.
but the lasting mark of our cohabitation is: 
"here's the thing ... the thing is..." 
(which she said endlessly)

so now, when these works come flying off my tongue, i can't help but think of hutch. 
(this was a tangent to the actual post which is....) 

sometimes when you go on vacation, when you get back it feels like you never left... 
do you ever feel that way? 

when you spend a lot of time with just one other person on vacation you get a lot of solo pics.


Katie said...

I know that "you've never left" feeling too, it's bizarre. Beautiful pics!

emilyhutchison said...

HA. I do love cats still and I still do say the thing is constantly. It just feels like the best way to start telling someone an honest opinion. Miss you girl. Come back and tell me all the things that are.

Alison said...

you're wearing my shirt in one of those pictures and it made me feel famous! xoxo