Apr 11, 2011

i just love her.

i've struck a pretty good balance as of late: work, sleep, stella. while her little brother finishes growing in the NICU, we're getting some quality time in! 

we go to the park.
take walks down the street. 
play kick ball. 
knock down towers.
make cake-box dominoes. 
sing and dance to baby mozart. 
and laugh laugh laugh. 
(and sometimes throw fits and cry...) 

she said "MATT" a few times since her uncle came to town.
he's smitten. 


Shannon said...

You are the best aunt! She must be loving it. And that picture of you two matching below is unbelievably adorable.

Kristen Joy Daniels-Wade said...

she is adorable!!

Marci Joy said...

She is so so so so cute. I can't wait to meet her little brother.