Mar 1, 2011

something to look forward to

i wish i were the type of person who REALLY enjoyed the here and now. but it seems i'm always, planning, scheming and anticipating some future event.  some weekend activity. a dinner party. a book that's arriving. a wedding. a vacation. a new nephew. and so on and so forth.  i've even theorized that i'm a chronic planner because i enjoy the anticipation of the event so much. (hello, how long have i been counting down til tom and ash come visit?) i wonder if i'm missing out on how great NOW really is whilst i get excited for next.

the forecast in london promised sun for the next 10 days. when i saw it, i laughed. i knew they were dirty rotten liars. so as i bask in the cloud cover of this pretty city, i'm looking forward to a few things:

in a few hours matt's family gets here.
in 17 days val arrives.
in 32 days we're heading to aruba.

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laura said...

Ha, I am that way too--SUCH a planner. I get it from my dad, who almost likes planning vacations more than taking them.