Feb 26, 2011

luck be a lady.

kate townsend & noelle regina
on our way to London's Fashion Week

sometimes people don't believe me when i tell them i was kind of a tom boy. 
i wore sweats to school.
and my field hockey uniform.
i didn't wear make up.
and i never learned how to blow dry my hair.
ever. (hence the new do).

byu. freshman year. one of the rare times in my life when i felt the painful heat of embarrassment. you know the feeling - instasweat.

i had an early morning class, slept in and threw on my favorite navy sweatpants, a red fleece gap sweatshirt to head up to campus. ever spent 20 minutes on cougar campus? here's an unknown application requirement: all female applicants must have the ability to wield a curling iron with the effectiveness of a world-class fencer. (still don't know how i got in.)

anyway, back to class - it's 9:00 am, and i was painfully aware that EVERY OTHER girl in a lecture hall of 200 had woken up with ample time to shower, blow dry and curl their hair. and put on make up. and perfume. and pick out an outfit that didn't double at sports gear / pajamas. ughhhhh. was it too late to leave? then relief ... 2 other girls in sweats across the room. a miracle. misery loves company.  they liked sleep too?  nope ... they were legitimate BYU athletes, who woke up early that morning for a team workout and were in head to toe cougar gear.  needless to say, i quickly enlisted the help of many a friend on how to be a "lady." [enter kimmy harman who barrel curled my hair for EVERY. SINGLE. DANCE.]

here i am at 27, still trying to figure this feminine thing out. thanks to fabulous friends, like this one, i'm picking up on how to be a lady. starting with a fashion lesson at london's fashion week. LOOOOOVED it.

[at the runway show. ]

and we even got interviewed by this british blogger for her beauty & fashion blog! want to see awkward? watch me try to 'do a flirty spin' in front of the camera. of course kate - former dancer- had it nailed.  mine looked more like a 3-step basketball pivot. i'm still working on this lady thing.

[ thanks heavens for kate & tim.
londy wouldn't be the same without them. ]


Katie said...

SUPER cute umbrella photo/outfit.

Don't even start me on the curled hair, makeup, heels in a Monday morning class phenomenon. Ugh.

nikki said...

Noelle, I am so with you... although I am still in that tom boy phase most of the time... or is it mom phase? I can recall most mornings at BYU where I showered, but had no makeup and usually ended up on campus with wet hair. No worries. I still think you are fabulous and classy. Come back and teach me everything you know about being a lady... I could use the help :)

rubi said...

i NEVER did my hair at byu! i would roll out of bed with the most insane bed head and literally just put tons of blush on and go to class. somehow i still managed to make stanton fall in love with me on my way to class once though :)

what show did you guys go to?