Mar 24, 2011

the place where oxes ford the river.


we went to oxford.
and we LOVED it.
do yourself a favor and take a 60-minute train ride to this beautiful little town. if you leave from london, you can get 4 train tickets for the price of 2!

we highly recommend elizabeth the walking tour guide 
and productions at blackwell's book shop

 blooms on broad street.

punting boats on cherwell. 

 outside the bodleian library.
(which has 12.5 million books - a copy of every book ever written in the UK. EVER.)

the weather here in london has been 60 and sunny and we can't get enough. the city is waking up from a cold winter slumber. already this week i've jogged in the park more times than i did in december, january and february combined. (that's not impressive, because that whopping total was ZERO.) but still, i'm out, counting hundred of dogs, smelling flowers, enviously watching people handfeed squirrels and clocking some miles while listening to taylor swift.

speaking of... want to guess who was on portobello road literally FEET from our flat this week? the irony: i was likely in my flat singing "The Story of Us" at the top of my lungs.


Jen said...

Hello there! You have the cutest blog, I love all your fun pictures and activities! We should do dinner one of these weekends when you are not traveling the world! :)

Jylare Smith said...

Love Oxford. Such a quaint town. When I visited there I wished I went to school there.

Laura said...

Meg is getting tickets to the Taylor Swift concert in LA for her birthday. I can't help it. I just like Taylor Swift.

Jana said...

1. You guys look awesome and so happy.
2. Your pictures are looking better and better and better! I wish I was getting as good at taking them as you. Lookin' good.