Mar 11, 2011

parasocial interaction

it's a term that means a one-sided interaction, aka blogging.  in the absence of daily social interaction i spew my would-be conversations into blog posts, which explains my prolific blogging as of late. it might be a sad truth, but one i'm becoming more comfortable with as the time i spend alone here in london is more than i've ever been alone in my. enter. life.

my insatiable NEED for companionship leads me to believe:
A. that i was a siamese twin and my parents haven't told me. (which would also explain why my head is 7 5/8 '' - it was for TWO people!)

B. or that in a previous life i was some kind of animal that existed in a pack / herd / pride full of conversation, snuggling and sleeping.

if i had someone to call, here's what i would converse about today:

1. i absolutely can not wait for val,  dan & marci and tom & ashley to come.  i adore our little neighborhood and can't wait to share it with them - the shops, the restaurants, the secret gardens, the adorable old men, the bustling market, the cute dogs, the delicious treats, the bike-riding, the jogging ... it's a dream.

2. today i did a triathlon of sorts. walked to hyde park. ran until i couldn't run anymore. got a cycle hire bike and rode home. loved it.

3. there are at least 5 churches within a half mile of our little flat and hearing the bells ring always make me happy.

4. there is a tunnel is hyde park next to the serpentine lake which smells of the most incredible flowers -lilacs or hyacinth maybe.  so today i ran through it 4 times so i could smell it over and over and over and over again.

5. we did DIY karaoke last night. it somewhat satiates my desire to be on american idol. it's better suited for my talent level at least.  matt was a real good sport - hooked the speakers up to my computer, found some karaoke on you tube grabbed a hair brush and belted out Maggie May.  obvi, i laughed and laughed and laughed and especially enjoyed saying "it's a little pitchy dog." (he's not gonna love that i posted that pic)

6. i've listened to the same taylor swift and justin bieber song at least 32 times in 3 days. i now know every word to "the story of us."

7. rumor has it we're going dancing tonight at a club for people like RuPaul. i'm kind of terrified and excited. i have nothing to wear.

8. it's official. paris again in may. so excited.

i guess that's all.
thanks to all you commenters who make dear life feel like a real conversation!



You, Me and Little Mr. B. said...

You simply crack me up. I love reading your blog posts. You should check out our blog which has Ashton performing a Justin Bieber song on it. Pretty funny. Have a great weekend and happy Friday!

Kristen Joy Daniels-Wade said...

I understand this post on many levels. Paris in may eh? This time you WILL be hanging with us Wades. Deal?

Stephanie said...

Your need for companionship made for the Best Summer ever 2006, roommie.

rubi said...

There is a tunnel in central park that smells like pee. I avoid running through it under any circumstance.

Marci Joy said...

We are so excited!

Ps - I love your hair super short.

Rubi - I know the one.

the smith's said...

Holllaaaa for # 8

noelle regina said...

rubi - while walking home from portobello the other day there was a man looking sketchy in a corner so i turned my head and kept walking... and guess what i stepped in - a BIG OLD STREAM OF HIS URINE. i was so grossed out.

marci - i can't wait. i'll mark where the tunnel is so you can find it!

morgan - rendez-vous in paris. who gets to say that? RIDIC!


Rebecca Smylie said...

Rubi, Marci and Noelle, hear this: I've got some tunnels for you!

I hear you on parasocial. It's so sad these days.

Wendy said...

First, I'm glad that you are adjusting to time by yourself. I kind of have that as my own goal lately so it makes me happy that I'm not "alone" in that. :)

Second, love that picture of Matty.

I really need to come out and visit you guys. Maybe after graduation? One can only hope...