Mar 12, 2011

bon weekend.

with the exception of a few conference calls and 10 hours of work or so, our weekends start on thursdays.  so far it's been a bon weekend.

friends. neighbors. countrymen.

dinner in islington.
[celebrating the 35 years of paul. he's fantastic.] 

portobello for brunch.

high street kensington.


Jane said...

I'm a secret blog admirer of yours...never commented before but just had to say that you look so cute in this photo! Do you mind if I ask where you found that pretty scarf? (Please don't tell me Portobello Road...) :)

noelle regina said...

i like that you're not a secret follower anymore! (and it looks like we know lots of the same people)

i hate to tell you Jane ... but it was a Portobello Road snag. BUT if you come visit you can get your own for just 5 pounds!