Feb 23, 2011

slightly motivated.

in honor of simon i woke up at 645.
walked a mile in the rain.
went to yoga class.
ran a couple miles on the treadmill.
walked a mile in the rain.

working my way back up to those burpees...
have you ever tried them? KILLER.


morgan and joel said...

slightly? your like the new tracey anderson! This motivates me..i need to crank into summer gear. great job!

Kathryn said...

I am so PROUD of you!!!

mratelle said...

Burpees rock!

we do em a lot at crossfit. My favorite burpee work out is "thunderstruck" you play the AC/DC live version of thunderstruck and do a burpee every time Angus rings out Thunderstruck! we also did it with thrusters and push ups...

matt said...


liz said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE burpees!... but my classes hate them... (i get a little burpee happy with them).

last night, i made up a new burpee you might like..
instead of jumping up in the air, grab a kettle bell and start bent down, grab the kettlebell and do an upright row (stand up bringing the kettlebell to your chest), bend back down drop the kettlebell and then jump back into plank and back in to repeat (so you just finish out the burpee). ..

does that make sense? just a new twist thought i'd share!