Feb 22, 2011


aruba is coming and somehow, in london, i'm just not feeling the motivation to strap on ankle weights and do high knees for 60 seconds.  i haven't mustered the energy to do 10 sprints up the street and back. and i'm not doing burpees on my own.

i need simon back.
that's him. the beard and the big arms.
salt lake's greatest personal trainer.

a few weeks with him and these hips shrank AN INCH. unfortunately, i've been without him for a few weeks and they grew a little bit. [lot a bit]

what's even better? simon does hour-long group workouts for a STEAL OF A DEAL. (think dinner at cafe rio) which is UNHEARD OF in the PT world.  the girls from work got together every Tuesday and Thursday to get our sweat on and laugh. hanging out with your besties and getting skinnier - hard to beat.

if you're in salt lake and want to get in shape, here's your guy.
email him: deruyschersimon@hotmail.com
you won't regret it.

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