Jan 28, 2011

learning to speak english

American: Hole-born
English: Hul-bin

Saint Paul's
American: Say-nt Pawl's
English: Sint Pulz

American: Chis-wick 
English: Chiz-ik


E.F.G. said...

thank you for blogging. anything. it helps me know you're alive and well.

laura said...

Don't forget "Leicester" = Lester!

And it weirded me out when I learned that they pronounced "St. John" (which is sometimes a full first name) as Sinjin.

nerak said...

Gloucester Road
N American: no idea
British: Glaw-ster Road

N American: South-wark
British: Suth-urk

I'm sure there's more, I can't think of any right now though. I feel like I prove my English ignorance/tourist status all the time here by mispronouncing things!

noelle regina said...

remember when i was CERTAIN that islington was eye-lington ... like island (EYE-LAND).

ugh. so american.