Jan 21, 2011


if i had a few more curves (in the right places) i would wear this dress EVERY DAY of the week.
with tights and heels.
with a cardigan, pencil belt and flats
with a leather jacket, scarf and boots.

or just the way it is.

which reminds me...
how do i feel about medically enhanced curves? i change my mind every. other. day. any good pro or con arguments? (though surgery is enough of a con to sway me)


Brad and Danielle said...

Apparently now they can take fat from other places on your body and strategically place it in more desirable areas. My best friend and I always wished for this in high school with bottom heavy curves far outweighing our top two.

My advice is wait until after you have all your kids. That's is when you will really need/want it!

angelique said...

just strap the curves on with your underwear - its much less invasive, painful and dangerous than surgery

Tim and Sara said...

Noey, you're beautiful just the way you are. Promise. Just ask your hubby! However, after we both have all our kids I will go in (maybe) for a boob lift with you. :)