Nov 3, 2010

others bidding

this darling girl (and her darling husband)
lived in new york. where we worked together.
then we found out we had chappaqua ties. were "way too young to be married" according to city standards. were slaves to a bank. and most recently, we found out we were both moving to LONDON!

as is the case with most transatlantic moves, they're shedding some stuff.
and i thought maybe their loss could be your gain?

i can't testifiy to the life-changing qualities of this (since i refuse to give in).
but i know hers is in REALLY great shape, and it's currently $65 on ebay. What a deal!!!

it's an i-phone 3gs, white with 16 gb - which i think means you can urbanspoon, rag doll blast, google maps and shizam at the same time.

but my MOST favorite thing they're getting rid of is this lovely...

an antiqued silver parson's desk from west elm.

wish i didn't already have a hot pink disaster, or this beauty would be mine. it's available in london only - but all the more reason to come visit. if you're in london, and want the desk, email me. we'll make them an offer they can't refuse!

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