Nov 2, 2010

just average

some people have asked...
"so what's it like in london?"
here's an average day in the lybbert london abode...
common themes- grape nuts, baguettes, work emails, and problem sets

8:30 am - alarms go off
8:31 am - snooze
8:36: am - snooze
[continuing at 5 minute intervals until...]
9:00 am - dismiss alarm
9:07 am - matt's in the shower - which is consistently scalding hot - noelle's checking her work email from bed
9:15 am - they've migrated to the front room, matt's got control of the computer while munching on waitrose honey nut flakes while noelle navigates a soup soon through the cereal bowls to get the perfectly ratio-ed bite of grape nuts, skim milk and sugar.
9:30 am - matt leaves. walks / rides bike to notting hill gate tube. catches the central line to school.
9:31 am - noelle is temporarily sad and wants a kitten to fill the void. or a video chat with stella.
9:32 am - she's over it.
9:45 am - noelle walks back in to the bed room and is at a critical point where she decides if she will
1) climb back into bed and continue working
2) go to the gym
and depending on her decision the day continues, until she's forced to shower either
a) for the sake of her coworkers and an afternoon video chat
b) because she doesn't want to smell like all the other ripe europeans she just ran next to.
11:30 am- back to work. maybe getting dressed for the day. maybe not.
1:00 pm - lunch. usually something from the market, and almost always a fresh baguette (which is making the gym more and more necessary)
2:00-6:00 pm - work and gchat
6:30 pm - matt comes home (but this could also be 9:00 pm, depends on the day)
7:00 pm - noelle makes dinner
7:30 pm - matt does dishes
8:00 pm - noelle checks work email. matt fills our job applications / completes problem sets
10:00 pm - matt or noelle notice they should probably go to bed
11:00 pm - lybberts are in best watching glee / modern family/ how i met your mother/ mad men/ gossip girl/ bored to death
12:00 am - matt or noelle notice they REALLY should be asleep
1:00 am - lights out

then sometimes we do fun things like go to the Beatles tribute at Royal Albert Hall, or hear the Philharmonic play, or go the National Portrait Gallery, or out with good friends for amazing Indian food, or book tickets to Florence.

that's all folks.


E.F.G. said...

i like when you don't get over the urge to video chat and we actually get to do it!

speaking of dinner...can you send me your recipe for peppercorn pork. do you know what i'm talking about? you made it for us once and it was SO good.

Katie said...

very familiar with the snooze/"we should go to bed"/1am cycle. it's a rough one.

rubi said...

we do the we should really go to bed thing at 1am too :/

im jealous that you both get off work/school at 6ish.

Jordan and Candice said...

That is a great life. I fell so completely in love with Indian food when I did my study abroad in London. My life will never be the same because of it.

Vendy said...

I am reading your blog very often and am yealous you are living in London:-)I come from Czech Republic and have been living near Brighton almost one year...(was working there as an au-pair)..Brighton was nice but not the right for still dreaming about living in London..maybe once..
Enjoy the life there..

nerak said...

you're going to have add some lunches with me in mayfair to your schedule in just a couple weeks, ok?