Nov 4, 2010

lucky to be alive

last night i almost lost my life.
matt killed the assailant. it was self defense.

the whole episode sent me into a tailspin. i didn't want to get in bed. i didn't want to step on the floor. and i certainly dont want to put my feet in any shoes / boots today.

here's the official police photo and drawing.
warning : graphic material below
keep in mind he's dead now, but when he was alive, fully extended and running after me - he was VERY intimidating.

i don't hate many things in life. but i do hate spiders.

matt can tell when i'm reliving the event because i'm overcome with a traumatic look and then shake with the heebee jeebees. (i kid you not).


E.F.G. said...

it does look nasty...and FIERCE! was it lurking in a shoe waiting to strike (a nicolai's worst nightmare)? good thing matt was there.
don't worry. i've heard spiders are solitary creatures. it's highly unlikely that he was traveling with friends.

Valerie said...

OMG! You made me relive my London spider moment. Pretty sure our dead spiders were related because that's exactly what the one in our flat looked like. It was crawling behind me and Denis' face turned white. I thought I was dead. I actually climbed onto our built-in glass shelving because I was delirious.

Rachel said...

oh my gosh!!! this is so awful!!!! I scrolled down very slowly and still jumped when I saw the picture of that thing that must-not-be-named. I'm seriously considering flying to London in May for this.........,320,EV.html

Ashley said...

i am freaking out. FREAKING OUT.