Nov 4, 2010


no, not for insanity. (at least not yet)
committed to the gym.
so much so, that i have to walk a mile there and a mile back to get my sweat on.


don't know if you recall this little ditty.

my inspiration and motivation for thailand.

that didn't inspire enough cause i ended up in this little ditty with a lot more fabric...

(yes mom, i know... this one is much more flattering and appropriate. and girls shouldn't be traipsing around in underwear and calling it a bathing suit...)

but i'm calling on the powers of my eeny weeny teeny wheeny navy polka dot bikini to get me to the gym for an upcoming family vacay. (thanks to uncle dick & aunt lynne we're heading to aruba this winter!)

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Christina and Ryan said...

When you go to Aruba, go to Wacky Wahoos but be sure to make reservations if you go for dinner. The food is delicious! Also, my favorite beach was Palm Beach even though it's quite popular. Druif was wind overkill.