Sep 1, 2010

Let the Meltdowns Begin

we opted not to fly out early and find a place to live.
for reasons i can't recall.
something like it would save some dollars.

i'm seriously regretting that decision.

available apartments are few and far between.
rents are high.
likelihood of getting them is low (lots of competition).
and as a result, my anxiety levels are astronomical.

not to mention a miscommunication had me in tears at the bank because all of our $avings was GONE.
it was resolved, but not without a heavy emotional toll.


Marci Joy said...

Oh no my dear. Hang in there. Everything will work out. And London will be lovely.

(Ps - do your fingers and toes hurt? that's what happens to me when I'm extremely stressed out).

Amanda said...

AHH. I had a few of those when we arrived. banks didn't work, money didn't transfer, nothing was open, no bed in the apartment...all of it sounds easy peasy compared though to what you two must be going through! it gets better though! you guys can do it! and i'll cry with you over here. ugh. international moves SUCK (once the "move" is over with though they RULE!).

Mrs. Billen said...

ah! we feel your pain. going to a foreign country without any housing is the stressful route. (tennessee is a foreign country right?)

Laura said...

Well, you can always move in with Jake...