Sep 1, 2010

750 Word Challenge

Katie's doing it.
So i am too.
And even though it's private.
I'm sharing my 803 words.

[750 word challenge info here]

The only successful journal I ever kept was a chronicle of my one-sided love affair with Anthony DeCandido in 8th grade. Since then, there have been a collection of leather bound, pretty paged books that have no more than 10 entries before they are abandoned. Ironic that someone who likes talking about herself so much doesn't much enjoy writing about her own life. Cross off published author from my list of future successes. (Cat Whisperer is still on there. I'm coming Cesar Milan)

It's interesting, people have mentioned this challenge as a way to say what they want to say publicly (via blog) and don't because their sister-in-law reads their blog, and their 4th grade best friend, and they don't know what they would think of A, B or C entries ... yet as I sit here I'm having trouble deciding what exactly to write about. I don't seem to have much to say lately, in any forum. Nothing of interest anyway.

I know my "stats" will come back with words like concerned or anxious - or they would if they could accurately decipher my feelings. (Apparently this 750 word challenge produces an eye-pleasing analysis of each entry)

I leave for London in less than 2 days and I feel wholly unprepared. It helps that Matt will be there to meet me. I've grown quite accustomed to having a teammate. Everything just seems easier with him around. I'm less stressed. I'm more playful. I'm less emotional (he may not agree with that statement). I'm more prepared to face challenges. The independent, capable, do it her own way Noelle of yesteryear has become a content codependent. (he might also disagree with this one.) Carry my bag? Yes please. Handle this customer service dispute? Oh, thank you. Craddle me while I cry? Of course.

Others things I like other than Matt as of late:
1. Luci Cat. There's nothing more rewarding than snuggles and smooshes fom a persnickety kitty. I don't mind him waking me up at 3:00 with a frontal assault and motorboat purr.
2. The gym. I've been running / lifting / sweating every day and I. LOVE. IT. The oxygen at sea level makes me feel invincible. I never want to forget that I like this feeling. And I like being strong.
3. Back to School Shopping. I splurged a little this September. Cargo / army jacket. Ruffled shirt. Black skinnys. Gold flats. Can't wait to sport my new stripes in Paris. They're tres chic.
4. Reconnecting with friends. From high school. From my field hockey team. From old jobs. From wherever I know them from - social interaction has long been a source of fulfillment. I love people. I really can't think of anyone I don't like ... well that's not entirely true, but it's a short list.

Back to London ...
We have no apartment.
We have no bank account.
We have no friends.
We have no idea what we're doing.
An "adventure." We wanted it this way. We were going to embrace the unknown and wing it as we went along ... and suddenly that plan doesn't feel like much of a plan at all. Combine that anxiety with hormone fluctuations and you've got a hot mess on your hands. Matt did his best to temper me via skype, but there's only so much a video chat can facilitate. And I'm fairly positive touch is my love language. (Though I've never actually taken the time to read the book)

I went to close out our bank account, and when they told me the balance - which was approximately 75% LESS than I remembered it being, I came unglued. Had I been careless with my online login info? Did I throw away a bank statement with the information on it? Was I married to a madoff-esque embezzler who had an offshore account and fabulous girlfriend? (we don't always think logically in such situations)
It was simple. The money was there. Just not where they were looking. But the emotional toll had been taken.

Matt's exhausted himself viewing more than 20 apartments in 2 days, to no avail. His efforts are fruitless so far, though no fault of his own. We had 3 that we liked. One that I loved. And none that we actually got. Should you ever find yourself in London, searching for a place to live, and you find a place you like that is available, here's my honest advice:
Pull down your trousers and piss on it. Cause if you don't stake out your territory immediately, someone else will.

Whitney (mentor / faux sister/ boss) gifted a notebook embellished with a British flag and something I think I should adopt as a mantra - "Keep Calm and Carry On."

And that's all I can really do right now.


Ashley said...

Oh dear. Hang in there. I can't wait to hear about all of your London adventures. My how I loved that place. Hope you get settled soon!

rubi said...

im doing the 750 word challenge too. i think it's genius.

good luck with everything!

The Castletons said...

Don't worry, everything will work out!

And did you say "back to school" shopping? Last time I checked you were out of school :) But hey, every girl needs an excuse to shop I guess.

noelle regina said...

i'm not going back to school - but matt is! and i love seotember shopping!

R.A. said...

You've spurred me to do the challenge as well. Good luck with it and the move!

Katie said...

So glad you're doing the challenge too.

Things are crazy right now, but would you trade it all in for a boring, predictable life? Thought so!

Enjoy the adventure and uncertainty!

scott and lindsey said...

i know you like a plan so this must be driving you crazy! Everything works out- I promise! You'll find a place, you'll find friends, you'll make more money, and you'll survive... i know its stressful though. Hang in there!! You're going to love it!! What a start, uh!?

Whitney said...

BEST POST EVER! You will have to carry on - but we are ALL cheering from here - get settled then call, we miss you terribly! W