Jul 20, 2010

year of the surprise

excuse the lack of actual substance on the blog as of late.
all i seem to have time to do it post a picture or 2. (8 really...)
and keeping with that theme....

kimmy had a birthday shout HOORAY!
2010 - the year of the surprise. tonight, this lovely was surprised in the backyard. she turned 26. we celebrated with a movie in the park complete with snack bar.

kimmy's got some pretty great friends who all chipped in....

party planner extraordinaire- chris crosby
cake baker- sue harman
pizza chef- leslie
popcorn chef- matt lybbert
set up - jana and billy
balloons and assistant set up - hutch
av - the family crosby

it's been 8 great years together - i love her dearly.
here's to you kimbers.


The Schanz Family said...

Could that be Greg Fox in those pictures?!?!

noelle regina said...

it sure is! greg is best friend's with kimmy's husband chris.

The Schanz Family said...

oh my gosh!! SMALL WORLD!!!!

Beastmaster said...

um.....i thought the picture was going to be closer....you can see that i am on my tip toes to look taller next to chris.....not cool

kimmy girl said...

HOW DID I JUST SEE THIS!!! i guess if i havent checked my reader in 4 days it means life is BUSY!!!! it was the best party ever. thank again everyone!! xoxox to you to noni

kimmy girl said...

billy, dont feel bad, EVERYONE is short next to chris.