Jul 18, 2010

goldman goes to park city

ben folds with the utah symphony.
SEEMED like a really good idea.
i love ben folds.
i love french horns.
but all that glitters is not gold.

unfortunately, bad acoustics and a grueling european schedule left ben with a shaky voice that couldn't quite be heard.

but we still had so much fun picnicking on liberty heights fresh, singing along, swapping tri-state childhood stories, wedding planning and real-life i-phoning.

next goldman outings-
1. high tea at grand america (i'm in it for the crumpets and i figure i might as well familiarize myself with this kind of outing.)

2. karaoke at a lesbian bar. trevor swears i was made for it. (the karaoke i think...)

3. dinner at em's (classy)

4. tim mcgraw in west valley (trashy)

5. AND maybe even rome.



Alissa said...

We were there, too. I think we were close to you, from the pictures. I never thing his voice is stellar; the traveling probably didn't help. But still a fun night.

Shannon said...

Noelle, I cannot believe you are moving to London so soon! I've just been catching up on your blog and am getting excited for you. You need to come see me and Emerson before you go! Maybe you, me, Val and Lrees should do a little lunch date soon? (Because obviously you have a lot of free time amidst planning for London, right?)

ps, was wondering how Ben Folds would be in PC. Sad to see it wasn't the best.