Jul 4, 2010

what i want now

i don't own an i-phone.
i'm depriving myself to make a stand.

while i-phones might be all the rage, i'm just not cool enough.

to download apps for every occasion, sign off emails "sent from my iPhone," play rag doll blaster day and night, flip through book pages, shizam songs i love.

my texts don't need to come in colorful word bubbles.
my blackberry messenger has a cute little blue puff i quite like.

am i a hater? ABSOLUTELY.
has everyone testified of the life-changing goodness the iPhone wrought on their lives?
did i switch to AT&T?

but i would not get the iphone.
they're expensive and excessive and i needed to make a point.

a point i think has been properly made.
and now, i'm ready for my iphone - so i can shove that lovely in one of these and pretend cell phones never existed. (and maybe voicemail too? i just DESPISE voicemail)

seriously, i want it.

this retro base cradles your iPhone whilst you chatter away on the handset. there's even an app that makes your dialing screen look like a rotary.


if there is an oregon trail app i am SOLD.


Anonymous said...

there is an oregon trail app.

and im a blog stalker but ive actually met you before and we have a lot of friends in common so im not a weirdy, but i still feel weird so im staying anonymous.

noelle regina said...

i want to know who you are!

Brooklyn said...

This post is so rad.

rachel said...

hey. I wanted to tell you there is an oregon trail app and a nice game called 'diner dash'. I don't have an iphone, but I have an itouch. I am a blog stalker too, but I've never met you. When do you go to London. I am moving to Madrid with husband. He is getting an MA. You can sleep on my air mattress if you ever come to town. Are you excited to ride trains? I am.

noelle regina said...

We HAVE to be friends. Come see us in London, we'll come visit in Spain! I absoutely love Europe, but truth be told, I'm a little concerned about an extended stay. I lived in Rome for 6 months and Torino for 3 - and at the end of those stints I was tired of long lines, hard wood floors, no clothes dryers and general inconvenience. (do i sound TERRIBLY entitled right now?) It's going to be an adventure. How long will you be in Madrid?


rachel said...

Yes, I noticed the no dryer thing. I also found out that in Spain they dub all of their movies and that everyone grew up with dubbed movies, so they prefer it. But, thankfully there are some special theaters that show 'version original', because if not, I'd fly to London to see Harry Potter in November. (Which isn't a bad idea. Also, I really want to go to that castle in England where they film the exterior of Hogwarts. )

I will be in Madrid for about 2 years.

p.s.I like that you changed your blog to Dear Life in London. I'm not leaving for another month and a week, but your really making me want to add MADRID to my header right now.