Jul 6, 2010

my first letter to london

my first letter to london - appropriately, about clothes. i promise, i'm really not as shallow as i seem!

dear london,

i wish with every fiber of my being that i were with you today.
i would be here:

Pop Up Shop
8 Kingly Street
London W1B 5PQ

for this:

so i could buy these:
(originally $966 and $622 ... NOW ON SALE FOR $76.00 EACH.
Life can be cruel)

with agony,
not-in-london noelle


Marci Joy said...

If you are there for next year's sale, I'm sending you $ to pick me up something. Amazing.

The Beastmaster's Beauty said...

Dear London,

Can I be there with you too? Those dresses are outstanding and I would be very good to them and dress them up real nice and launder or dry clean with care and even hang them up at night.