Jul 11, 2010

weekend addition

new camera + saying goodbye to utah =
lots of photos of the things we're doing
(with the people we like) before leaving town.

sushi suprise for j. ko's 25th
(doesn't she look surprised?)

seeing these lovelies...

dressing in my new fav color combo and going out to dinner.

and hiking with "jilly & bana" and buddy


Shea McGee said...

Sad we couldn't be there for the goodbye party!

noelle regina said...

that title was misleading. we're not heading out of town JUST yet.

but yes, i'm sorry you missed it too!

scott and lindsey said...

you're gonna miss it, but I'm so excited for you both!! And like always... you look adorable ;)

the swapps said...

i miss the lybberts. official. and i really like your "new camera" photos. you two are too cute. stop it now.