Jul 12, 2010

We are, in every sense of the word ...

We are, in every sense of the word ...

I’m not sure if our singular senses of humor were always this way, or if perhaps our time together has morphed what was once a sense, into nonsense. Regardless, we laugh endlessly at our word games. Typically started when the speaker is unaware.
Rhyming. Mimicking. Accenting. Malapropisms.

It might go something like this…
Unaware Participant: “Oh no. I did it again.”
Game Initiator: “I played with your heart. Got lost in this game.”

Or maybe like this:
Unaware Participant: “I’m so tired.”
Game Initiator: “Not me, I’m wired.”
Newly Aware Participant: “Cut it out, or you’re fired.”

These games spontaneously start throughout the day, in any form of conversation and continue until a clever retort cannot be reached. Or someone gets annoyed and quits (as is often this case in the mimicking game).

I like to call our latest word game of nausea-inducing annoyance –
One Upping .

On occasion, I’ll refer to Matt as “Lovey.” Or “Lovey Dovey.” (typically in an annoying, will you fill this glass of water cause I’m all snuggled in bed and you’re not under the covers YET- kind of way)

In this bout of one-upping we add slightly related words to the original word to see who can out syllabatize* the other.

*syllabatize – create a word or phrase with more syllables than your opponent to win that round of one-upping.

Here is how the game has progressed thus far:
Lovey Dovey
Lovey Dovey Lovingheimer
Lovey Dovey Lovingheimer and jelly
John Jacob Jingle Lovey Dovey Lovingheimer Schmidt and jelly with a cherry on top.

I’m currently in the lead.
Let’s see if he can beat that.


Ashley said...

Absolutely hilarious! I'm glad we're not the only annoying people who play these games. haha.

Ashley said...

i REALLY like this. i try to rhyme and play games - tom shuts me down. i guess i need to grow up? NAH.

siovhan said...

I want to live with you. That sounds HILARIOUS. And my coworkers often fall victim to me doing the song lyric thing.

scott and lindsey said...

You two are too funny!