Jul 24, 2010

before and after

my sister erica told me (circa 1997) that it looked like "my eyebrows got scared of my face and scattered." she wasn't lying.

oprah. j. lo. anastasia. have all trumpeted the amazing effect of a good brow wax, pluck or thread. and i agree. in the spirit of self deprecation, here's a little before and after of a "scared scattered" brow. i let it them grow for far too long this past "cycle".

Before (I have no shame)



Ashley said...

Mine look like the before picture at the moment. I'm so lazy about plucking! I swear Blair plucks his eyebrows more frequently than I do...Don't tell him I said that ;)

E.F.G. said...

i'm currently rocking the scatter...i desperately need to get down to shobha.

rachel said...

wouldn't it be funny if I did a before and after of above my upper lip? that would be too embarrassing....hmmmmm