Jul 25, 2010

furniture for sale

it can't all go to london.
who am i kidding- almost NONE of it can come.
but there are some items i can bare to part with.

shoot me an email if you're interested in any of them.

folding bookshelf - $25

H: 63"
W: 32"
D: 16" @ base, 10" @ top

4 shelves, folding case
bought from tai pan trading co.

oval mirror - $30

handsome man with the camera doesn't come with it.
(but a price can be negotiated)


Kristi said...

I would love your endtable! Its gorgeous. I have $40 cash I could bring you this week whenever is good. My email is kristijowhite@gmail.com.

E.F.G. said...

your desk is amazing. i like the mirror too...lucky new owners.

whitney said...

a friend referred me to your blog. i love your entry way table. if it's still available will you please email me. whittrs@gmail.com

Ali said...

I'd like to buy the desk, chair, bookcase and 2 yellow chairs. Love them all!!! I'm a friend of Jason and Erica's. I vaguely remember meeting you at their wedding. Email me or call 801-808-7452 alidenham@gmail.com
Thanks! Ali

nikki said...

I wish I were in UT or that you were still in NYC so I could take some of these things off your hands...