Apr 6, 2010


i need your help.
and i only have 10 ten days.

i like to consider myself a world traveler. but truth of the matter is, i'm just a european traveler.
and even though i've been too quite a few different places - in europe you know what to expect. or at least, you can pack the same:
black clothes.
large scarf.
book to read on train.
cute but comfortable walking shoes.
extra t-shirts for the afternoon (since the heat makes you feel yucky)
change purse for euro coins.
sweater for air-conditioned restaurants.
and so on and so forth.
but i have absolutely NO IDEA what i need for thailand.
advice (any and all) would be helpful.
do i need comfy shoes?
an underwater camera case?
how many books? suggestions?
how many outfits?
what's a realistic estimation of number of days i'll be in a bathing suit?
(i.e. how much underwear to pack?)
should we make hotel reservations? we don't have those yet ...
do i bring my wallet or just a coin purse and a passport?
advil? pepto? benedryl? band-aids?
roller suitcase or duffle bag?
please bestow upon me your traveling pearls of wisdom.


Lauren Kay said...

Pepto and Tom's shoes. Everything else depends on the traveler and the activities planned.

Alissa said...

As one sitting in the slc airport on her way to New Zealand, I recommend the iPad. Books, movies, TV, games, email, all in one sexy device. Buy it now, sell it when you get back. I think of it as renting.

angelique said...

if Thailand is anything like Samoa, you will need underwear for the flight there and the flight back - otherwise you can spend the rest of the time in your bathing suit and a sarong or shorts - sneakers definitely and flip flops but I wouldn't bring any cute shoes, definitely no heels
eating my heart out...

Lars said...

One of my closest friends travels there annually. He and his brother have camped on the beach as well as hotels. You should be fine getting by in swimsuits slash board shorts. I wouldn't take anything that you can't live without since muggings do occur frequently. My friend was mugged right in front of the local police and they did nothing.

My mom has learned to leave her jewelry at home since changes in elevations cause her wedding rings to either fit to tightly or slide right off and she lost her band in Peru a few years ago.

My last tid bit would be to take some Listerine and swish it while in the shower so you don't get the trots. This prevents water from getting in your mouth. Not sure what the water is like in Thailand but my experience from traveling to various countries, especially third world countries where the water is no bueno is this trick. Hope this helps...and Safe travels!

Rachel Hagen said...

Oooh, you're going to LOVE it. As mentioned, it does depend on the traveler and activities. But if you're doing a country tour you can plan on being in the jungle (riding elephants?!) where hiking and misquotes are. So I'd plan accordingly. when we were in the beach part I pretty much lived in my suit. I brought one nice outfit for nice dinners. I never had any food/digestive problems, but I think I have a stomach of steel. Enjoy, eat lots of Pad Thai and go to a really good Elephant Training camp. However, do be a little careful, I did bring home a slight disease. Nothing that antibiotics can't take care of :)

angelique said...

oh and for you and your not-entirely-predictable immune system, definitely Benadryl and Claritin - and maybe leave the wallets at home, have one credit card between you and Matt, your passports and some currency

Sara said...

If you wanted to post a little more sometime about what to pack for Europe in the summer (and still be a fashionable, yet light traveler)... we readers would like that too. LOL.

Have fun in Thailand!

rubi said...

underwater cameras are always fun.