Apr 8, 2010

state of emergency.

dear "red shirt" rioters of bang kok...

your state of emergency has created one thousands of miles away.
while i respect your right to express displeasure with the current gov't, i kindly ask you to postpone these activities until we are ooc. (out of country)


don't ruin my vacay.

the travler who cares more about her tan than your coup d'etat,


Anonymous said...

Before you leave, you should probably know: Bangkok is one word.

noelle regina said...
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noelle regina said...

don't think the spelling has any implications on the trip. my ability to differentiate the syllabification of asian cities, maybe. thanks though.

erika herman said...

Noelle Nicolai, how are you? I just wanted to let you know that my boss is in Bangkok right now andyesterday he told me it really is not that bad iwth all the protestors, he said it was much worse when he was there last month. Have fun!

P.S. New Guy says hi.

noelle regina said...

NEW GUY! seriously. you just made my day. where have you been???