Mar 24, 2010


admittedly, i've been missing.
there's been a lot going on.
  • matt got home.
  • it's march madness. (yes we have tickets. THANK YOU ERIN!)
  • the sun is shining.
  • thailand is coming.
  • and so is my new niece.
  • the swapps are abandoning us in T-7 days.
  • i'm learning to road bike.

oh and we're deciding on grad schools.
coming soon to a city near you (or far from you- we're really not sure yet...)

and just for your viewing pleasure, i have a picture of this kini-clad j.crew model on my desktop for motivation. except i'm humiliated whenever it comes up and people see my screen because they think it's lingerie, which is inappropriate AND creepy. yet somehow, i feel like changing it will stop my progress for thailand...

and maybe i think she's real pretty.


L& J said...

i have a simulair picture at home on my fridge. don't feel weird! whatever helps.

J.R.G. said...

I should put the same picture on my desktop at work.

Wendle said...

What's so great is she kind of looks like you, making her
a. still beautiful and
b. very much a woman of inspiration