Mar 13, 2010

dear matt lybbert - you're no fun.

dear matt lybbert...

it's been 2 years, 6 months and 4 days since we've been apart this long. at first it seemed real fun to watch tv without compromise. or use all the hot water in the shower. or leave my clothes on the floor. or not cook dinner.

but it hasn't been fun. not one bit.

it's no fun when i hear scary noises and don't have you to go check the house.
it's no fun when i have a real good secret and no one to trust with it.
it's no fun when my feet are cold in bed and i have no warm ones to find to share their heat.
it's no fun that i have to sleep with the wood ax to feel safe.
it's no fun taking out the trash.
it's no fun talking to yourself. or trying to scratch your own back. or reach your own zipper. or answer your own "does this look okay?"
it's no fun sitting alone at the dinner table. or on the couch. or in bed.
it's not fun to think about loving someone and then not be able to tell them in person.

two weeks is NOT FUN.

i'm glad you got to train in NYC.
and thrilled you got to see jake in london.
and love that you took a boys' trip to istanbul.

but i'm ready for it to be over.
2 weeks is too long.
and it's just no fun when you're not here.

if you come back i promise to do all sorts of things.
hang up my clothes.
never overflow the trash can again.
watch biggest loser when you're asleep.
never watch our shows without you.
keep cold feet on my side of the bed.
let your mistress* sleep with us.

*mistress = body pillow


Jake and Jenna said...

oh my gosh i am laughing SO HARD about his "mistress." i swear that will be the end of my marriage one day because jake also has a "mistress." i hate that stupid pillow. i jump in bed and go to cuddle and she is already there. stupid biatch. one night jake and i were playing a very intense game of phase 10. we made different bets each phase. and i quote:

jake: if i win, i get to sleep with my body pillow tonight.
jenna: whatever loser.

i feel your pain. jake travels a lot. just me and goldie here. ohh anyway he'll come home soon. don't you worry friend. until then, maybe the mistress could keep YOU company for once in her life.

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