Feb 15, 2010


do you want to come with me?
on march 15th
i have 4 tickets to



Jordan Page said...

I totally went on that show before! Just a few hints...(these were the case when Bob was around, I apologize if they don't apply to the show any more)

1) If you have a group of 10 or more, you will have a guaranteed contestant
2) Make sure everyone is dressed the same, whether it's a BYU shirt or get Tshirts made or something. It makes you more memorable.
3) If you get on the show as a contestant, pay attention to who in the audience yells correct answers most of the time. You'd think your brain would work, but it usually doesn't so it's helpful to have people in the audience that can give you correct answers.
4) Get in line REALLY EARLY. They are stingy with tickets and it's first come, first serve...and you have to get in like, 4 different lines. If you're too far back in the line, you don't get tickets. We lined up starting at like, 4am or something. Totally worth it :)
I hope you get on, it's so fun!

Sarah Larsen said...

seriously considering this.

noelle regina said...

jordan... you are seriously a PRO! are you sure you and bubba jr. don't want to head down to LA for the chance to win an all-expense paid vacay somewhere?

hope life with a newborn is going well. thanks for the tips!

brittney said...

what are the chances that i was looking at tickets to the price is right for the very. same. day! so weird noelle! jared's whole family will be in CA for the week, and we are going whale watching/bike riding in newport instead. if you stick around, COME SEE ME!!

Shea McGee said...

I could most definitely be there with you in a matching t-shirt.

Jordan and Candice said...

We love PIR! Jordan and I have taken a couple of trips to see it ourselves. Too bad Bob the leather corpse isn't there to tell about his bunnies that greet every night when he gets home from work.