Feb 16, 2010

proud .

have you heard of Cross Fit?
a new fitness regimen that preaches fast and hard workouts to better overall athleticism.
think 300 - the movie.

Matt's been working out with them.
And this week- he made the website.
Doing a Power Clean.

He's real strong.
(he can clean 50+ lbs more than he weighs!)

on this day Matt...

performed 8 power cleans, followed by 20 burpees.



POJO Fitness said...

i have heard of cross fit!! i always wanted to try that! go matt!

kristin said...

love this.

E.F.G. said...

go matt! i'm impressed. he has been super dedicated. is this HIS way of getting ready for thailand?

lybberty said...

captain awesome himself

Teri said...

Thats my boy!

Marci Joy said...

Very cool.

Ps I accidently deleted your last comment on my blog- please redo.


scott and lindsey said...

that is awesome! what a stud you married!

rubi said...

what the heck is a burpee? hahaha

Scott and Kristine said...

Congrats on the buff husband!
I am majorly spring cleaning and just found a ton of pictures from freshman and sophomore year and found the nicest note from you from way back when we were the original gangsters. I never go on facebook and my phone deleated all my numbers so I didnt know how else to tell ya that I missed ya. Thanks for all the good times, sorry about not keeping in touch the way I should have.
Have a great day!