Jan 28, 2010

letterpress tour

oh dear friend paul
(may his soul find happiness across the pond away from dinners and gossip girl with us)

has a dear friend
who owns a letterpress shop.
a very successful.
terribly talented.
letterpress shop.

this is one if his heidelbergs.
and like the germans who made it - it's fast and efficient at making pristine pieces.

ben (paul's friend and owner of The Mandate Press) was gracious enough to take matt and me on a tour late one evening, or early one morning...
Including frequent stops to shower the shop-dog Rocco with affection.
As if toting us around the shop wasn't kind enough, he gave me the MOST clever cards. i'm so enamored with them i can't bring myself to take a pen to them.

ben does it all.
and quickly.

i'm seriously considering letterpressed calling cards... $95 / 250. they're gorg.

"Ben Webster started his printing business after taking a letterpress class as part of his design curriculum. A side hobby turned full blown business, occupying a 2000 square foot shop, The Mandate Press produces everything from business cards to hang tags and offers hand finishing on products including die-cuts and gluing. And the turnaround on your order is pretty quick for a shop with only a handful of employees. The Press can have a custom project to you within five days, as opposed to two to four weeks from others."


Jordan and Candice said...

I would kill to have a letterpress. Really, I think I would.

Okay, maybe not. Too wussy. But to have a letterpress would be a dream.

Jylare said...

ooo I love letterpress. Would love to have one... or just be able to buy all the cards I want!

Shea McGee said...

Ben did our wedding invitations! He's my sister-in-law's brother-in-law. Great great guy.

noelle regina said...

wait... syd's sister's husband's brother is BEN?


syd's sister's husband's sister is BRIAR?

Shea McGee said...

syd's brother's wife's brother-in-law.

Shea McGee said...

My sister-in-law is Amy. Her sister is Briar.