Jan 28, 2010

letterpress class

so maybe my friend ashley
arranged a PRIVATE letterpress class
for 5 of our friends this Saturday.

and by maybe, i mean, she did.


we'll be making valentine's day cards.
[hugs and kisses. literally]


Christy said...

FYI the owners/artists of Sycamore Street Press started in Columbus and were in our ward! They are great, and I so wish that they had done classes when they lived here.

Alison said...

i don't want to talk about it.

Allison and Noah Riley said...

Hey! My lovely friends are the creative geniuses behind Junky Heirloom (some of their handiwork is in the image) - and I love, love their style. What a fun class!

becca said...

josh and i are going to a workshop there on saturday from 10-2.

Amanda and Matt Dalton said...

This sounds awesome, Noelle! What a find! I've been in love with letterpressed paper goods ever since designing my wedding invites with Karisa :) Have fun!

noelle regina said...

karisa is one of a kind. so talented. if you're interested, they offer classes on etsy.

sycamore street press