Dec 20, 2009

on napping....

i'm imposing a few more rules on myself in 2010.

1. no diet coke (or sparingly when necessary, i.e. cheeseburgers or pizza)
[i've just read that our bodies process carbonation and sodas the same diet or regular ... that "0" in nutritional values is doing nothing for me. 2010 is the year of h20.]

2. travel more
[we're relatively free to come and go as we please. as long as corporate america approves. and so i want to exploit our freedom. thailand here we come]

and today's experiences (which i've learned over and over again)
2010 rule #3...

it ruins you.
and your sleep cycle.

and since i've already broken that rule today, here's what im doing while i stay up WAY too late...
[nothing worthwhile]
  • looking up triathlon training schedules
  • trying to find a way to squeeze more furniture into our house because i'm addicted
  • sit ups on my large inflatable ball
  • laundry folding / drawer delivery
  • blalking [blog stalking]

and just for fun, here's matt cuddled up with erica's pregnancy pillow.
i forbade him to buy one for himself - i'd never get a snuggle.
(the mess in the background is the nicolai's early christmas celebration)

[in other news, i'm 26 today.
which means i'm practically 30.
which is fine.
it makes the gray hairs i'm finding more bearable.
i like birthdays.
but i'm never quite sure what to do with the birthday phone call, so usually i let it go to voicemail. which is not currently (and may never be) set up on my phone.

so should you call tomorrow, and i miss it, please don't be offended. and know your thoughtful effort was duly noted.]

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Shannon said...

So true about the late napping; kills you.