Dec 20, 2009

on christmas...

another thing i'm doing while staying up WAY too late ...
is trying to remember what i got matt for christmas.

i sent the gifts to washington.
where they'll be opened with the lovely lybberts.
and i deleted lots of emails that started with

so right now, i know he has:
[excuse the ambiguity but he reads this blog]

1. one gift of life basics
2. one gift i got him because i wanted it
3. one gift i recently ordered on amazon that won't get there in time
(good thing his birthday is dec. 30)

which doesn't make for a real great christmas...

1 comment:

kimmy girl said...

it is your lovely birthday. so happy. cant wait to see what you got matt for christmas, and what matt got you. cant wait to celebrate your birthday. put all your furniture energy into my house...i need rungs, a dresser, nightstands and nic-nacks for my countless bookshelves.