Dec 8, 2009

he's not going to be happy with me...

he is a private man.
the behind closed doors. don't air the family laundry type.

i'm more of the billboard, broadcast to the world, no secrets and nothing left unsaid type.
so, i'm going to tell you something...

the husband is not going to be happy with me.
but forgiveness is easier than permission.

i didn't see much of matt the last 2 months.
he's been studying.

vocabulary words [long, multi syllabic ones]


and testing strategy.


sometimes i was supportive.
"honey would you like a diet coke while you read?"
"can i quiz you on vocabulary words?"
"do you want me to turn the tv off while you study?"

and sometimes i wasn't.
"when is this test over?"
"you can't study tonight. you studied saturday and monday. and now it's my turn."
"can you turn your lamp off - it's too bright to fall asleep."
[he reviewed vocab with a head lamp]

but in the end.
it was all worth it.
he was just a few* points shy of PERFECTION.

(*few: <120,>20)


Laura said...

We've always known that Matt rocks! Give each other hugs for me!

Teri said...

Thats my boy.