Dec 7, 2009

2009 Year in Review


Being December and all – I’m evaluating my 2009 resolutions and the progress I’ve made.
Back on January 10 – I made this list:

1. wake up early every morning
2009 performance: B+

early is a relative term, depending on when you have to be to work, or if you even have a job.

2. give up french fries
2009 performance: A++

When matt drove through mcdonalds a few weeks ago for a super-sized fry, I abstained. When I ordered a burger at dinner the other night I got a side of steamed broccoli. I’ve managed to avoid In and Out so far (it’s been here for 3 weeks) – so on the whole I’m sticking to it.

3. be a nicer person
2009 performance: A-

On the whole, I’m nice enough, but there is always room for improvement. I could be more understanding of the screaming children in the apartment in the basement. I could be more patient with slow clerks in a check-out line. I could like Utah fans more.

4. read at least ONE book each month
2009 performance: C-

I think I only ready 6 books this year. But maybe I can cram 6 more in before January and then I’ll average one per month?

5. church
2009 performance: B+
on the perfection scale, there is always room for improvement

6. hang up my clothes
2009 performance: C

But this week has been great so far, that counts for something, right?

7. save more and spend less
2009 performance: A--

Just a smidgen better than a B+. Matt and I were stellar savers in New York – managing to store away almost my entire salary. But new skis, some new furniture, 4 new winter tires, and some other new items have slowed our saving here in Salt Lake.

8. really LOVE new york
2009 performance: B

We do really LOVE it- we even really miss it from time to time. And we’re going back this weekend to do some of our favorite things.

9. exercise
2009 performance: B-

Once upon a time, when free time abounded, I clocked in 2-hours a day, 6 times a week at 24-hour fitness. Now I shred on occasion and gym with Val when her schedule permits, but I have definite room for improvement.

10. love my neighbors.
2009 performance: A-

We don’t have Scott & Lindsey, Erica & Jason or all our hearted Harlemites as neighbors anymore. But we do love Jodi and her dogs. We’ve hosted a dinner or two with some Midway, Provo and SLC neighbors at the house. BUT I do still stamp on the floor in protest of screaming children and their slamming doors – so I guess I could be better … I love most of them?


Stephanie said...

Will you really be in NYC this weekend? Paul is trying to convince me to come up but I think you'd be the best bargaining chip I could ask for. A Merry Christmas Miracle!

Shea McGee said...

i don't have the courage or honesty to grade myself...hats off to you!