Nov 11, 2009


we may or may not be returning to the motherland.
the most wonderful country on the face of this planet
[america not included in that rating]

in april.
[or there abouts]

with some of our favorites.
[ho un marito FANTASTICO]

and it may or may not have been 4 years since i last fluently spoke the mother tongue.
[torino 2006]

so i'm in desperate need of the ROSETTA STONE level 3 italian course.
[all the italian classes available in SLC aren't really what i need]

does anyone either:

1. own it?
2. know where i can buy it for less than $250?

[JLS, i have a feeling this is a ? for you...]

ti voglio bene.
baci e abbracci


thegreatestshowonearth said...


Just perusing the internet in the middle of the night and stumbled upon your blog. Laura knows someone who works for Rosetta Stone- "big Heidi"- I think she can get it for you.

Jordan Lydia said...

i haven't ever used rosetta stone, i will have to ask around to see if anyone has it. i would probably just venture to the 211/311 class at byu. you could mostly likely pay by the credit or audit which would probably be cheaper and more comprehensive than rosetta stone; or just ask dott.ssa noble or dott.ssa klein if they have some language labs. or i pull out my libro di mormon or se questo e un uomo, and just read out loud, when i want to brush up.

Anonymous said...

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Alissa said...

How fun! And what great travel companions.

When we went last month Ryan brushed up using the Pimsleur Series. He had used Pimsleur to learn French before he went to France, and did fairly well. The other one he used was Micheal Thomas, the language teacher to the world. He's a crack-up. A totally different style from Pimsleur, but the two together make a good combo. I got both at the library.

noelle regina said...

The library.
Also, i think maybe you need that Catherine Malandrino dress for Feb. 6?

Ashley said...

WE are excited to be traveling with YOU. :)

Shea McGee said...

so jealous!!!