Nov 11, 2009


forget jenny craig and nutri-system.

weight watchers (online) works.

i thought the weekly half pound was a coincidence, or just a skipped breakfast ...
but i'm fairly certain this steady decline isn't just water.
it's the online logging of points.
[but i'll confirm with you after next monday's weigh-in]

so move over valerie bertinelli.
i'm endorsing weight watchers.


abbie said...

noelle, we sort of not really know each other...but i just had to say... i did WW to lose the baby weight and it is the bomb. good luck!

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...

Wow... I have never done any of the three but I am on Body For Life and minus the fact that some days after I lift I feel like I got hit by a MAC truck... it is awesome! I am down two pounds and already see more definition in my stomach and arms!

Keep us posted.

Bridget "Fun" Lynott said...
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Kelsey Nixon said...

18 lbs. baby, 18 lbs.!!!
Weight Watchers was the golden ticket for me.