Nov 15, 2009

our weekend...

this weekend was restful and wonderful.

snowy saturday.
movies on the couch.
snuggling by the fire.
pizza bagels and pomegranates.

and even though we miss new york, and our hearts cry a little when we read about everyone's fantastic walks in central park, or dinners at our favorite places - we love it here.

the free time.
the friends.
the diy projects.
[which are speedily coming to an end. as soon as i get final touches on wall art up and a mirror hung you'll see photos]

i also committed to 30 Day Shred Round 2.

what did you do?


Mrs. Billen said...

dang. if you lived in provo, we could shred together.

Marci + Dan said...

had churros con chocolate at Rubi and Stantons house - and then did karaoke on their wii. Haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

Marci + Dan said...

we miss you guys

noelle regina said...

sounds like SO MUCH fun.

Stephanie said...

I played Hearts and sang karaoke AT THE SAME TIME. It was incredible. Absolutely incredible. We have reached either a new high or a new low - not sure which it is.

Amanda said...

I meant to write this comment a few days ago-Thanks for sharing your place with us :) I hope you have found a another special place in Salt Lake city...because Loveliness and happiness can be found everywhere you go.