Nov 19, 2009

good news. bad news.

good news.

still going to thailand.

bad news.

elton john had the flu.
billy joel has the flu.
and their SLC concert is canceled.

anthropologie is having AMAZING swimsuit sales right now.
$200 one-pieces for $60.
$150 bikinis for $40.

definitely worth checking out if you have a beach in your future.
i hate paying full price. for anything.


Amanda said...

oh no!

J.R.G. said...

sadness. refund or reschedule?

scott and lindsey said...

Did you buy your tickets for Thailand?! we still need to talk.. playing phone tag ;( sorry bout the concert.. boo!

Rachel Hagen said...

The concert is rescheduled right?! Right after we move too... You're going to LOVE Thailand. I went there for my college senior trip and had a blast. Although, I did bring home a disease. It was still worth it.